Question 3 | Marketing homework help


Topic is on Adidas Performance Training App include references 300 no more than 500 words 

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Write a draft of your final sport marketing plan’s Implementation and Evaluation Section (Section V of the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric) 

Implementation and Evaluation: In this section of the project, you will develop a project calendar for implementation of your plan and decide how you will determine the plan’s success and when evaluations of the plan will take place.

  1. Develop       a project calendar for launching the product or service, including       key tasks involved in implementing the marketing plan, person(s)       responsible for each task, and anticipated time frame for each task.
  2. Explain       the determinants of success of the marketing plan. In other words,       how will you determine that the goals of the marketing plan have been       met? Support your explanation with specific examples.
  3. Explain       when initial and ongoing evaluations of the marketing plan will       take place.
  4. Explain       any contingencies or alterations to the plan in the event of       negative publicity or in the event of not having accomplished your goal       at the time of an evaluation of the plan.