Reflection | Law homework help

Your paper must include an introduction, an analysis of the question(s) asked, and a conclusion.

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I will grade your paper based upon DEPTH, CLARITY, and INSIGHT:

With regard to depth, I ask: Does your paper make it clear to you invested a significant amount of time reflecting upon the material?

With regard to clarity, I ask:  Do I understand your work? Is the paper organized? Does the paper use strong transitions to guide me through your paper?

With regard to insight, I ask: Does the paper put ideas together in an interesting way? Did you discover your insights after careful reflection?

After viewing the following one-hour video, write a one-page, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch justified margins reflection paper answering the following questions:

Guiding Question 1:

Do you believe that the use of corporate “non-disclosure agreements” in the areas of sex crimes are ethical?

Guiding Question 2:

The legality of non-disclosure agreements in the situations described in this video notwithstanding, do you believe that the Weinstein Company is guilty of negligence? Namely, for the negligent hiring and continual employment of Harvey Weinstein? Please explain fully.

I need this completed by 3/13/22 10 PM PST