Regeneration questions | Education homework help

The questions are: Q1. Model organisms are an important part of regenerative biology research, with specific models providing insight into diverse aspects of regeneration. Select the regeneration of a specific structure and discuss three different model organisms that may provide insight into the regeneration of your selected structure. For each of the three model organisms a) describe the regenerative properties of the selected structure in the model, b) discuss the strengths of the model organism generally and specifically for the selected structure, and 3) describe weaknesses of the model system in relation to the selected structure. Q2. While some aspects of regeneration have been conserved during evolution, there are distinct ways in which regeneration occurs on a cellular level. The differentiation of stem cells, transdifferentiating of mature cells, and dedifferentiation and dedifferentiation have all been proposed as mechanisms of regeneration. Describe each of these processes and provide specific examples of these cellular mechanisms during regeneration. For both questions, I can′t have more than 450 words.  

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