relationship between patient care and ability to pay

Topic: Relationship Between Patient Care and Ability to Pay.


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The first requirement of the Research Capstone project is to select a Health Care Management topic. Topics must be comprehensive in nature and should cover all the program objectives for the Health Care Management Program. In addition, the topic you select should be a current (within 3 years) health care issue and should be relevant to the Health Care Management program. Ensure that whatever health care management topic you choose there is a sufficient amount of scholarly references to support your research efforts. Contact your instructor for additional guidance in the selection of your research topic.

This unit’s Supplemental Resources includes some health care management “Hot topics for 2013” that can serve as a starting point for your topic identification.



  • Select a Health Care Research Capstone topic and develop a plan on how all program objectives will be incorporated into the project materials.
  • Research Capstone Topic and plan will need to be submitted and approved by your instructor by the end of unit 1.