Report on evaluating the podcast “the political butterfly effect:

 1. Title: Podcast: The Political Butterfly Effect: Did Mr Blobby upend local politics in Lancashire? 

2. Aim: a reflective activity that makes significant contribution to the attainment of the unit’s learning outcome as well as form part of the MSc examination. 

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3. Objective: To demonstrate understanding of key concepts through practical application. 

Background: The questions that form part 2 of this assignment relate to the appraisal of sustainable public commercial ventures, in/formal networks and decision-making.  The prerequisite work required of students prior to the final assignment report submission draws heavily on your workbook, case study analysis during tutorial sessions, guided self-study and broad knowledge of the project management book of knowledge covered in semester one. Experience in running a virtual company in teams will be advantageous. 

 Answer these questions as part of the continuous final assessment for this unit.

 Question 1: What is your assessment of the Council’s commercial motivation? (5 marks)

 Question 2: Why did the project fail and state three (3) lessons identified? (10 Marks) 

Question 3: Drawing on the lessons learned (in Q.2) and your knowledge of social value, what sustainable venture would you prescribe for Morecambe Council and why? (15 Marks) 

Note: For this reflective report a maximum of 1000 words excluding figures and references is required. 

You need to modify it again based on the feedback.