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1. Replie to the paragraph below with at least 100 words.

In this course, Marketing Promotions (Busi 612), I learned how to research specific promotional mixes that help promote the product in its market. It was important for me to know the descriptions and the background of the product chosen, as we were asked to provide information on benefits, strategies, and efforts in different assignments. I had chosen Social Media as the IMC Mix Component, which allowed me to understand different advertising techniques to properly market the product to reach the target audience on different social media platforms. With my big idea promotion, I was able to be creative in how I would incorporate my selected product. The promotion was carefully evaluated for the selected target audience that I researched by finding accurate resources and demographics. It was interesting to create a promotion that has other competitors with similar promotions as I could compare and contrast the differences in how I pursued to make my created idea better. I feel as though this course has expanded my knowledge of selecting a product and creating a promotional effort and all that entails in the process. As a marketing major, I am glad to have these assignments and a specific coursebook to look back on as I continue in my degree. 

2. Replie to the paragraph below with at least 100 words.

Across the course’s seven modules, I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of essential marketing concepts, which I believe will significantly equip me for success in the business arena. Covering a range of topics, including Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Mix, Situational Analysis, Target Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Competitive Insights, Creative Brief Questionnaire, Disseminating the Message, and Promotional Programming, this course has provided me with a well-rounded foundation.

One particularly impactful aspect was the emphasis on the Creative Brief Questionnaire. This module played a pivotal role in the development of our “big idea” for the product we chose to work on throughout the course. Learning how to effectively communicate our creative vision to the “big idea” and promotion has been invaluable. This process not only honed our ability to translate ideas into a cohesive message but also underscored the importance of the research that goes behind marketing a product.

Understanding the power of the “big idea” and how it drives the overarching campaign has given me insight into how successful marketing strategies are conceived and executed. This knowledge is something I see as directly applicable in the business field, where innovative and impactful ideas are key to capturing the market’s attention and standing out amidst other competitors. As I reflect on these modules and course, I feel more confident in my ability to navigate the complexities of marketing within the business world.