Respond: week 2 discussion–print media


Review the Learning Resources for the week before answering the week 2 discussion. 

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Please reply to this post with your response to the following questions:

A) What variables about news-gathering are beyond the control of reporters and editors but nonetheless affect what people read, hear and see?

B) How are journalists captives of the personal values and biases they bring to their work? Provide an example of this through a video clip or story?

C) After reading “Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries: Blogging” provide a “large scale” example of when blogging became problematic and one when blogging actually helped solve a problem. 


Encyclopedia of Journalism: Printing

Read this article about the history and future of printing.


Read this concise article on blogging.


21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook: Chapter 65: The Changing Nature of “News”

Read this short chapter on the changing nature of the news.


21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook: Chapter 70: Broadcast Journalism

This reading gives a definition and short history of broadcast journalism, and an explanation of how to enter the field.


The Huffington Post: Another News Outlet is Using Robots to Write Stories

This short article discusses the increasing use of robots—yes, robots—to write news stories.


Operative Media, Inc.: Is the Newspaper Industry Dying?

Watch this short video about the future of the newspaper industry.

Operative Media, Inc.: Is the Newspaper Industry Dying?


Printing Through The Ages:

History of Printing Timeline from American Printing History Association: