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I need a resume and cover letter….The job I am applying for is a SRO School Resource Officer

I started in public safety as a correction officer with the Mississippi Department of Correction was employed there until 1999 topping out at the rank of LT.  

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I joined the Mississippi Army National Guard in 1986 while rising to rank of Sergeant first class deploying to the war zone three times retired in 2016 with 30 years.

 started with the Tallahatchie County Sheriff as a School Resource Officer (SRO) covering grades 7-12 .I was also certified as a DARE officer where I was teaching 7th graders.retired in 2013 started with the Haywood County Sheriff office in 2013 raising to the rank of Sergeant

started with Brownsville police department as a Resource Officer to teach the D.A.R.E. program to 5th graders and was forced out because of age cut off.

started with the Lauderdale County Sheriff office in 2021 as a School Resource Officer until present assigned to the alternative school