Running case brainstorming and schedule development

Case Study 1, A Not-for-Profit Medical Research  

  1. Case Question 3a: Use the attached Sticky Note PowerPoint® Template (PPTX)Preview the document (or a similar one of your choice),  take the WBS elements from your WS created in Module 4, and brainstorm activities required to complete each deliverable. Type the activities into the yellow sticky notes that are included in the PowerPoint.
  2. Case Question 3b: Organize the yellow sticky notes into a logical order.
  3. Case Question 4: Begin this step of the assignment by logging into the PMI® Website and accessing the RESPONSIBILITY_ASSIGNMENT_MATRIX form.  Review the Forms tab on the PMI®Resources page for how to download the form. Note that this form refers to “Work Packages” as in “Work Package 1, 2, etc.”. This is where you input the activities identified in your PowerPoint brainstorming exercise.

4. For each activity, assign the person who will be responsible. 

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5. Create a network diagram that shows the sequence and dependent relation- ships of all the activities.

  1. Final Step: Answer the following questions within a one to two page Word® document:
    1. How useful do you find the “yellow sticky note” approach to brainstorming a project schedule?
    2. Would you use this approach in a real-life project scheduling activity? If so, how?
    3. Now that you know 1) the project deliverables (via the WBS), 2) the logical order of events (via the yellow sticky note activity), and 3) who is responsible for each activity, what information is missing in order to complete the project schedule? What further information would the client or project sponsor require?