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Scenario: The Metropolitan Piano Association (MPA)  is an organization of piano teachers in the Global Springfield area.  Their purpose is to promote the education and performance of piano  students of all ages through hosting a variety of live student  performances and competitions. These competitions result in awards for  the top performers, those who improved the most, etc. The association  president Nick Rayapur has been keeping track of everything in Excel®,  but he knows it is time to build a real database. It will be hosted in  the cloud so that member teachers can input information from home and  check event schedules. While the cloud service will be responsible for  quite a few things, you are tasked with organizing the database and  explaining some potential database problems to Mr. Rayapur.

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Choose two of the errors listed below and  research online and/or in the textbook to learn more about what they are  and how they can be mitigated.

Potential errors include (1) data input without validation, (2)  inconsistent naming conventions, (3) data redundancy, (4) hard deletes  instead of soft deletes, (5) reaching system capacity, (6) intentional  tampering, and (7) insufficient backup protection.

Your initial post is a formal business letter to your client. Make up  contact information for yourself so you do not share personal  information here. In your letter:

  • Explain each of the two potential errors: what it is, how it can  happen, and how you suggest to correct it. Remember that your client is  not tech-savvy, so your wording needs to be moderately simple.
  • Include all parts of a formal business letter as explained in the Reading PDF.
  • Provide just the URL(s) to your source(s) you used at the bottom of  the post. If you use the textbook, just type “Textbook” and the chapter  number(s).