Section journal: chapters 7-10 | Management homework help

Students must submit a video of themselves detailing how they believe the Top 10 most state-of-the-art hospitalsLinks to an external site. ( )leverage at least two key concepts from chapters 7 through 10 (not two per chapter just two across all the chapters) to stay ahead of other hospitals. The student can record the video on their phone, computer, digital camera or etc. The file can be loaded to Canvas or a link to the video can be provided. Here are the other details: 

  • The video just needs to be at least 60 seconds but no longer than 2 minutes.
  • The student must make reference to the exact page numbers in the book. 
  • The student must indicate if they have been to one of the hospitals on the list or not. 
  • A presentation is not required. 

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