Secure email for sensitive information ppt



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Your company wants to use secure email for sensitive information. This could be a doctor emailing another doctor or a security firm asking a client for information. In this scenario, the email  messages must be secure and not vulnerable to eavesdropping, interception, or discoverable.

As the IT manager or director what would you recommend satisfying the requirements?


In this case we are NOT looking for an APA-style document. Find a solution using research. Your solution should be an application and may involve a process change.


When your recommendation is ready, prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation as follows:

1. Slide 1 – Presentation title

2. Slide 2 – Restatement of problem and requirements

3. Slide 3 – Recommendation (concise)

4. Slides 4 to N – Reasons why your recommendation is the best choice

5. Slides N to M – One alternative to your recommendation that may also work.

6. Last Slide – References used.

Keep your presentation concise and crisp. You are presenting to executives.

Upload your PowerPoint slide file to Canvas by the due date.