Security strategic planning | Information Systems homework help

An organizational strategic plan is a plan that describes what the strategy is and lays out a plan for how it will be implemented. The strategy is usually expressed by defining goals to be achieved during a specific timeframe. The implementation is usually expressed by listing the actions the organization will undertake to achieve each of them.

In a 4-5-page document, draft a Security Strategic Plan using the following format:

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  • Title page (does not count towards the page length requirement)
  • Executive Summary (summarize the purpose of all seven sections of a security strategic plan)
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Core Values
  • Measurable Goals and Objectives
  • Action List (to achieve each goal)
  • Implementation plan (for action list) – include how you will measure progress
  • Plan for maintaining and updating the plan
  • APA references page (does not count towards the page length requirement)