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Public Community Health

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Assignment: Urban

Community Health


Sentinel City® Review: Social Determinants

of Health: Know What Affects


Review: WHO Director

General Statement on the

Role of Social Media

Platforms in Health


4 hours in


4 hours real-



Assignment Instructions

1. Enter Sentinel City® and visit your assigned neighborhood.

a. Nightingale Square

b. Acer Tech Center

c. Casper Park District

d. Industrial Heights

e. Lake View Suburb

2. Review Neighborhood demographics and data locations.

3. Review Citizen profiles and any key informant interviews available.

a. Are there some populations with more issues than others?

b. Any locations where community members can meet?

c. Who are likely citizens or key informants potentially willing to be involved in

community issues?

4. Identify areas of concern or benefit to the health of the community. Examples include:

a. Accidental Injuries

b. Water Safety

c. Diversity and Inclusion

d. Food and Nutrition Access

e. Access to Clean and Safe Water

f. Teen Health

g. Substance Abuse

h. Mental Health

5. Using one community-identified concern, complete the Community Health

Development Worksheet.

6. Present information on your priority health issue.

7. Use correct APA format when citing your references that support your rationales.

8. A minimum of 2 references are needed.