Sentinel city week 2 | Nursing homework help


Assignment: Reducing

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Bias in Healthcare

Sentinel City® Review: Strategy to Address

Unconscious Bias: P.A.U.S.E.

Watch: Trevor Maber: Rethinking


4 hours in


4 hours real-



Assignment Instructions

Enter Sentinel City® and visit your assigned neighborhood.

Nightingale Square

Acer Tech Center

Casper Park District

Industrial Heights

Lake View Suburb

Examine a data set and the demographics in that neighborhood.

Answer the following questions:

What is the first thing you notice about the data?

Is the data just as you suspected (this can be confirmation bias)?

What did you feel when you looked at the data (this can be emotional bias)?

Did you filter the data through recent information you accessed (this can be availability bias)?

Did you think the data is socially or morally correct (this can be social desirability bias)?

Did you think about how the neighborhood demographics set the data (this can be anchoring


How much did other people share your opinion on the data (this can be consensus bias)?

Contemplate how the different biases can affect your use of the data.

Will this alter your course of care or interactions with the citizens?

What can you do to keep bias out of your care?

Present your findings.

For questions, please reach out to your instructor.