Social stratification part 2: race

 Write a 750-1,000-word analysis on social stratification regarding race Choose a social institution to describe and analyze the effect that the stratification elements of race have on that social institution. Include the following in your analysis: Explain how race impacts the social institution. Identify a form of race inequality associated with the social institution and use theoretical perspectives to explain the social behaviors that perpetuate the inequality. Suggest measures for the social institution to implement to help alleviate the racial inequality you identified. Provide a minimum of three to five scholarly sources to support your analysis and conclusion. Additionally, you will need to include statistical data of the expression of stratification regarding Race within the social institution. MY SOCIAL INSTITUTION IS (FAMILY). MAKE SURE YOU FOCUS ON DIVORCE RATES, RATES OF SINGLE PARENTHOOD, HOUSING, EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, AND OTHER DYSFUNCTIONS OF THE FAMILY SOCIAL INSTITUTION IN ALL SOCIAL CLASSES. PROVIDE STATISTICAL DATA TO SUPPORT DETAILS. WHEN USING THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES, BE VERY CLEAR ON EXPLAINING HOW THEY CORRELATE TO ALL FOCUS POINTS IN FAMILIES OF DIFFERENT ETHNICITIES AND ALL SOCIAL CLASSES. CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT, SMOOTH TRANSITIONS, SUPPORTING DETAILS! PLEASE USE SUBTOPICS ACCORDINGLY AND CITE YOUR SOURCE OF STATISTICAL DATA.  

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