Software engineering class project – project plan

I need a project plan for an education web platform. (around 5 pages)

I have already done a little works about stakeholders, user stories, and Acceptance Criteria(attached files). I just need the project plan.

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Education web platform which allows students to specify their desired degree and preferred University in order to determine the optimal course curriculum to graduate in the shortest amount of time. The platform would use GPS to identify near-by community colleges in which to augment the students schedule in order to reduce cost or time-to-completion. Additional pay functionality would allow a student to schedule course notifications, adjust classes based on personal preference, and pre-register at supporting Universities.


  • Behavior Driven Development Methodology (BDD)
  • User Story – How to address the need of your user
  • Persona – User Role, User Persona, User Journey
  • Acceptance Criteria – Header & Scenario in BDD
  • Fundamentals of Software Project Management
  • Use Case, Sequence Diagram & Swimlane Diagram, Activity Diagram, etc.


Submission of, at least, 4 personas prior to submission of your Project report


Submit a preliminary report of your project progress. Your submission will be an informal report on:

  • Project discovery – who are your stakeholders, what are their needs, what your team can delivery to address their needs based on your preliminary knowledge of their pain points, preliminary estimation of cost in term of work-effort (not $$ value at this point), team structure, technology/platform needed to deliver the product, high-level project plan to deliver the product.
  • HINT:

                 o   For the purpose of this course, your stakeholders are fictitious but you need to indicate who they may be and propose how you plan to get input (you won’t have to actually go through your proposal.)

                 o   Write a reasonable number of User Stories that shows you understand the need of your stakeholders (at this stage 10-12 user stories will be sufficient)

                 o   Based on your User Stories, write Acceptance Criteria for the stories (at this stage pick writing acceptance criteria for 5 stories will be sufficient – so, pick at least 5 “more complicate” user stories and write acceptance criteria for – header and scenarios.)

                o   Propose technology platform and tools that you may need to create this product.

                o   Your report shall include Use Case and sequence diagram to indicate your preliminary design and its interaction with the user (at this stage 2 Use Cases and one Sequence diagram will be sufficient – Activity Diagram will be extra credit for the team but not required.)

                o   Your report should include a high-level project plan. This plan should include:

  •  High-level tasks
  • Sub-activities related to the high-level tasks (based on your preliminary knowledge at this point)
  • Proposed delivery phases and proposed sub-activities timeline for delivery (these would roll up to their respective high-level tasks)
  • Resource and effort requirement for delivery of the product at each phase – remember this will be a high-level estimate based on your preliminary knowledge of the stakeholder need and project requirements.