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You could use the files I uploaded but you could also get information form ther sites. It is required to site in the paper, if you get all the info. from the documents I uploaded you do not need to provide the references, but if there is extra info you will have to show it.

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Many sociologists contend that sport is a trivial pursuit that carries great meaning in and influence on our society.

  1. Describe the paradox: is sport trivial, or does it carry great meaning/have great influence?
  2. What does it mean to be a knowledgable sports fan?
  3. Do you believe that fans and sport participants have a superficial, uncritical attitude that takes sports for granted? Does being naive support fandom?

The Module Synthesis Paper assignment is a critical evaluation and application of the module readings, in-class discussions, and media presentations. The Module Synthesis Paper is a response (or responses) to a prompt (or prompts) on the module topic or a specific issue presented in the module. The assignment grade is based on the student’s ability to a) identify critical elements of the module that are relevant to the prompt, b) leverage facts and figures (information) from the module to support the response, c) synthesize elements of the module readings, in-class discussions, and media presentations to effectively respond to the prompt(s), and d) effectively communicate the response.