staffing in ihrm | international human resourse management

Watch the video on The Role of HR Has Evolved. Meet the 21st Century HR Leader (Links to an external site.). Staffing of Multi-national Enterprise (MNE)s has been simplistically described as involving three types of international employees: parent-country nationals (PCNs), host-country nationals (HCNs), and third-country nationals (TCNs). Deciding on the type of employee to hire for an international endeavor is a strategic HR decision. Review the Case Study 8.1: Firms Woo Executives from “Third” Countries (Global) (p. 241). Answer the four questions at the end of the case. Take into consideration that there may be additional categories of employees available for international assignments. In addition, when answering the case questions consider creative, versus traditional, solutions. 

Tarique, I., Briscoe, D.R., & Schuler, R. S. (2016). International human resource management: Policies and practices for multinational enterprises (5th ed.). New York: Routledge.

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