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A university hosts a department of archaeology, a department of natural history, and a medical school. The three faculties decided to jointly produce an openly accessible, widely advertised online archive to display documents and images of their holdings, including static medical images of archaeological and zoological artifacts. The system will also contain links to the catalog of the university’s library so one can research related holdings. The system will be built by the university’s IT department with occasional assistance from the computer science department. Funding will be provided by the national government and private foundations. Quick response times are an explicitly but vaguely stated condition for funding. As a performance engineer, you have been asked to join the team that will design and build this system.

· Identify the stakeholders who have an interest in response time requirements. Explain the possible range of resource requirements and time needed for the delivery of images and captions.

· What kinds of activities should the response times include?

· At what points in the delivery chain does a response time begin and end?

· How will you negotiate response time budgets with the various stakeholders?