Statistics excel and paper | Statistics homework help

Please see attachement with instructions

1- in word doc-  

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-Submit your research question- If it needs explanation include 1-2


-Data Collection- Submit a clean dataset. This means it should not have any extra text or

code in it. If it should be formatted, keep it organized such as a comma separated file.

– Project Organization

1. Show where you get the data from and describe your dataset.

2. Explain your statistical research questions and methods. Apply at

least two

3. Share the conclusion (answer)

2- paper is in word document – Refer to the uploaded file to submit your project paper where you   summarize your dataset selected, research questions, analysis, and  conclusions. Your writing should be your own. If you are citing other  people’s work, reference it clearly. Do not appropriate it without  giving clear credit. This summary should serve to explain your research  and conclusions.

3- excel- Please refer to the final project  instrcutions and upload here your statisitical analysis of the excel  dataset you chose to work on. Show your analysis in separate tabs for  each method selected. Label clearly. Your work should be original,  meaning not already published by someone else or publicaly available. It  should reflect your own analysis of the dataset selected. 

Your analysis should be performed using excel methods as we learned in the course (not manual formulas)