Student and community advocacy | Education homework help

 Educators and education leaders must continually advocate for and promote the best interests of students and their families. Such advocacy requires a clear understanding of the needs of students and families and the community context in which these exist.

Use the information gathered in previous topics to inform the following scenario. For purposes of this assignment, your research has revealed that your selected school is one of the lowest performing schools in the district. After gathering data, you are prepared to propose solutions that will improve student performance. After discussing the data and your solutions with your principal, you have been tasked with presenting it to the school board. You may create mock data to support your school board presentation.

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 This assignment will be presented to the school board advocating for your school Include the following:

  • Name of the school and grade levels affected
  • Analysis of the data that demonstrates the need for academic solutions to improve student outcomes. Share specific reasons students are not meeting schoolwide academic goals, according to data gathered
  • Proposed solutions to address the issue to meet the needs of students, strengthen the learning environment, and enact system change. Share specific expected outcomes of implementing the solutions
  • Resources and technologies required to carry out your solutions