Study plan outline with a gantt chart


Instructions: Read carefully chapters 4 and 5 of the Complete Guide to the STS and STSC APPLICATION AND EXAMINATION INFORMATION – November 2014 Edition. Prepare a study plan outline that you might use to pursue the STS or STSC examination. The study plan must be in an outline form and contain the minimum following items:

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1 choose STS. Plus give a basic explanation of the difference between STS or STSC and why you choose one over the other.  NOTE:  You must focus on STS.  For the purpose of this assignment, you will have to pic a date in the future that you would plan to take the exam (June 4).  This would be necessary to develop a ta time schedule which is contained in the items below.

2 Provide a summary of the student materials you have available which are linked to one or more of the thirteen tasks. This listing should be in the form of a table with a column for the tasks and column for the study references you have on hand or that or available via web in the public domain. Once you are complete this this step it should be clear as to what you have on-hand to study with now. In addition, you will have to login to the Nicholls Library online search   

catalog and find three additional references that could be used to a source of information to help you study. NOTE this might also be of value in completing assignment 4a. Include on your table listing the four references you found that are available in the Nicholls Library. 

3. Go look again at the assessment test scorecard in module 3 to identify the top 3 tasks that you feel you may need to study more in order to increase your knowledge area for passing the test. While there may be more than 3 areas I am only asking you to focus on 3. Identify those task numbers in your outline. For each area prepare a written action statement that you might take to close the gap on this particular task area. For example, you might find that you need to study up more on task 13 “professional ethics”. So here I am asking you to come up with a strategy to study on this particular task. The strategy should include a measureable action plan that you would take. Comment here if you have the study reference or not. If not where could you find it. Also considered how much time would you need to devote to studying in this area. 

4. Develop a gantt chart to show your time line and study plan on how you would go about preparing for the examination. You time line should show a start and end date with major steps to be taken as part of your student plan.