Summary of inadequate nurse staffing in relation to an omission

Week 6 Significance and Summary This week, you will submit the final portion of your paper for review. Please make sure to review all of your instructor′s feedback and prepare your research for final submission in week 7. In 3–4 pages, summarize your study. Provide a summation of evidence that references your literature and demonstrates the problem is current, relevant, and significant to the discipline. Reiterate the gap in the literature and how your project contributes to social or organizational change in nursing and nurse leadership. In your summary, state the significance of your research by identifying potential contributions of the study that advance knowledge in the discipline. This is an elaboration of what the problem addresses. Provide a strong “take home” message that captures the key essence of your research. Last, describe recommendations for further research that are grounded in the strengths and limitations of the current research and the literature you reviewed. Ensure recommendations do not exceed the research boundaries. 

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