Suppose procter & gamble sells about 20 million bars of soap per


Question 3

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Suppose Procter & Gamble sells about 20 million bars of soap per week, but the demand is not constant and production management would like to get a better handle on how sales are distributed over the year. Let the following sales figures given in units of million bars represent the sales of bars per week over 1 year (in no particular order).


  1. Construct a histogram chart to represent these data using the appropriate tool from the data analysis toolpack. Make sure to specify your own bin ranges; otherwise, Excel will automatically pick them for you and you will have very strange bin ranges with confusing decimal points. Make a list of numbers in multiples of 5, starting from 10 up to 40; then show Excel where the bin numbers are in the histogram dialog box

  2. Creating a chart is not useful in and of itself unless it is properly interpreted. Write a brief analysis of the graph. What do you see in the graph that might be helpful to the production and sales people?