synthesis paper (5) | Sociology homework help


Congratulations! You have just been hired by the Gainesville United Sports Association (totally fictional)! Because you are (now) an expert on social issues in youth sport, you were awarded a consulting contract to implement a parent education program for the youth sport organizations in Gainesville. 

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The Gainesville United Sports Association oversees and writes recommendations for “best practice” in privatized youth sport organizations (organized club/travel sports). For your parent education program, you will:

1. select the 3 most pressing social issues in youth sport about which you think parents MUST be informed

2. provide a background on each issue and justify why it is critical that the issue be addressed (benefits or consequences of the issue)

3. provide your recommendation for “best practice” in which parents should either be engaged, or seek out (in a coach, an organization,…) – this means you can write about what parents do (their behavior or expectations), what coaches do (behavior or programming), or what an organization does (programming), or any combination of the 3.

In the end, your Synthesis Paper is a guide for parents to know the issues, and know what should be happening in their child’s youth sport organization (in the best interest of their child).