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Course Project


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Ethical Considerations Draft 

This week, you will submit your Ethical Considerations draft. This portion of the Course Project will provide an evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the student’s chosen technology in relation to its impact on humanity (roughly two pages, APA format). 


Following are the components needed for this section:


A detailed evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the technology in relation to its impact on humanity 

An illustration of at least two specific ethical theories that differentiates their varying approaches in consideration of the questions raised by the selected technology 

At least one statistical graph or visual aid that supports or provides value to the section

In-text, APA-fformatted citations with a reference page

The assessment should be well written and should incorporate proper grammar and no spelling errors. It should incorporate an introduction, body, and a conclusion paragraph.


Grading Rubric


Analysis considers the impact of the technology on humanity. 25

Analysis clearly utilizes two distinct ethical approaches, such as deontology or teleology, in evaluating the ethical nature of the technology. 30 (15 points each)

One statistical graph or visual aid is used. 5

Use of introduction and conclusion paragraphs.10 (5 points for each) 

In-text references are used and a reference page (in APA format) is included.10 (5 points for each)

Editing; spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence meaning unclear10