The area of a trapezoid


The area of a trapezoid is A = ½h(B+b).Image of frmMain1. You are to write a Visual Basic program that accepts as input the height h, the big base B, and the small base b of a trapezoid and determines its area. Use a Sub/Function named CalcArea to calculate and display the result to the nearest tenth of a square inch. To display the commas and decimal places, you will need to read about the FormatNumber. You will call this Sub/Function four times. The default font Microsoft San Serif font displays commas that look like decimal points. Change the default font to Times New Roman.
2. As seen above, place your initials in the form’s title bar.
3. You are NOT to use any variables – only use object properties!
4. Do NOT use any TextBoxes – only labels.
5 When executed, the form appears in the center of the screen, and your form cannot be resized. (Note: All subsequent assignments will be centered and not resizable.This is the final message about this!)
6. Name your project Trap, attach your zipped VB project, including the executable file in an e-mail message with your name and section number (CRN) at the top of the message, and sent it to the e-mail address used for this course.This is the final message about this!)
Click the button below to see an example of a possible A version.
Notes: You will need to read about
Your project will work with VScrollBar controls, their Value, Minimum, Maximum, SmallChange, and LargeChange scroll-bar properties. Run my program to see these values.
Additionally, you MUST use the ValueChanged scroll-bar event for this project.
You will use the FormLoad event handler so that YOUR PROGRAM calculates initial number of square inches and NOT YOU.
The ControlBox form property so users can only exit the program using the Exit button.
Necessary casting functions/methods.
Other considerations:
The value of a vertical scroll-bar is based on the position of the top of the “thumb.”
Your form will NOT display the usual Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons, so that users must use your Exit button.
You will include Option Strict for this assignment.

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