The following sentences and short passages lack compactness,



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1. A gas leak was the cause of a one-day delay in production.  

2. The company has installed a microprocessor-controlled scanner in an  effort to increase quality control of assembled components.  

3. It’s our considered opinion that you will be able to start beta-testing  the online preventative maintenance training program in the neigh-  borhood of eight days before the scheduled completion date.  

4. If you have experience with any further problems with the Model 17  LCD panel, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  

5. The 4Tell software will be initiated as a means of preventing slip-  page of the schedule.  

6. The Freeling Lake Mine survey project has, at this point in time,  reached the point of being 3.5 days behind schedule.  

7. It is a possibility that the technician may or may not have read the  addendum correctly.  

8. Company tools may be borrowed for home use for a time that is not  in excess of 48 hours.  

9. You can make arrangements for the borrowing of company equip-  ment by the completion of Form 210A.  

10. For your information, it was decided by the executive committee  that a sum in the amount of $240,000 be set aside in next year’s  budget for the purpose of renovating the metrology lab.  

11. The end result was a 22% decrease in acidity following the introduc-  tion of Limasol Plus into the solution.  

12. Any attempt to operate the engine in excess of 1500 rpm is likely to  result in and be the cause of accelerated bearing failure.  

13. If it is your intention to effect repairs to your model 1800 scanner, it  would be wise first to assure the availability of parts before starting  work.  

14. Check for grain temperature with the use of a probe 5 feet in length  inserted vertically downward into the depths of the grain.  

15. Registration for next year’s Institute in Technical Management  should be made before or no later than December 15.  

16. Between a speed of 65 and 70 mph the wheel at the left front  exhibits a tendency to shimmy.  

17. It is with considerable concern that we have noticed a decrease in  production in the region of 3% to 5% for last year.  

18. Overtime will be worked for a period of two weeks in order to bring  the project back on schedule by no later than the end of next week.  

19. Installation and testing of the remote sensing unit will bring the Fairview research program to a conclusion.  

The purchase of a replacement vehicle for the survey crew will be completed in short time so the vehicle will be ready in good time for the start of the survey season