The microeconomics of turkey during thanksgiving


At least 1800 words. 

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Include at least 6 credible sources 2 of which have to be academic journal sources. 

Utilize the from the earlier concepts of scarcity to supply & demand to production cost


Microeconomics of Thanksgiving


A. Brief history of Thanksgiving

B. Thesis statement

a. This paper will briefly discuss some of the microeconomics of Thanksgiving broken down into the following 3 topics of the Thanksgiving dinner, travel, and shopping.

Thanksgiving dinner 

A. The turkey dinner 

1. Supply and Demand

a. How it effects turkeys

2. Price

a. Turkey price comparison 


A. Air travel

1. Supply and Demand

a. Flights vs travelers

b. Mail 

B. Driving

1. Supply and Demand

a. How it effects gas prices

C. Opportunity Cost

1. Air travel vs Driving 

a. Air travel: time, safety, and cost

b. Driving: time, safety,  and cost


A. Black Friday

1. Supply and Demand

a. Sales and products

2. Opportunity Cost

a. Staying with family vs shopping on thanksgiving


A. Restate topic

B. Summarize three main  points

C. Revisit introduction or tie all ideas together

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