The moths | English homework help


Reading assignment:

  • Helena María Viramontes, “The Moths” (Abcarian 1084-88)

Writing assignment (due , June 26 by 11:59pm in the “Assignments” tab):

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  • Reading response # 3 on “The Moths” (Answer the three “For analysis” questions on Abcarian 1088 in a minimum of 250 words in total) 

“For Analysis” Questions (Abcarian 1088)

  1. Why do you think the observation that the narrator does not kiss people is repeated?
  2. Why is it important that the old person with whom the narrator connects is a woman and not a man?
  3. In what ways is the grandmother’s death important to the narrator? Why, when the narrator holds her body at the end of the story, does she say that she rocks “us”?