The research needs to be graduate level and needs to have proper


APA style format and references and links.

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Sending you a template, rubric and some past work on the same topic to make it easier for you.

Please review these attachments and let me know if you have any questions. If you’re confident that you can complete the work by Friday evening, then let me know and I’ll award you the job and you can get started with the work.

Need help in writing an APA style research paper of 8-9 pages with a topic on Project Management. The topic is “Impacts of project misalignment with business objectives on overall program performance”

The research needs to be graduate level and needs to have proper links and resources included. No plagiarism please! Running on a tight timeline here so I need the paper by Midnight on Friday.

Will provide a sample template for the research paper and also provide a grading rubric once we match.

Based on this job, a series of other jobs will be awarded to you if you do well. Looking for a professional who will do a great job and have a quick turnaround with medium budget. Scope for more work on a weekly basis based on this performance.