Themes for dealing with the problem of evil

   NOTE: Use below Textbooks only. 400 Words
Topic: Erickson discusses the various “Themes for Dealing with the Problem of Evil.” Which of those given “themes” do you find most beneficial in answering those who are critical of the Christian faith? Why?

Thread: Post your thread (400 words).
Demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter by inserting substantive content.
– Also, present the logic, cogency, and evidence of your explanation(s) and argument(s).
-Avoid casual talks and testimonies by interacting theologically and critically.
-Use parenthetical citations as specified by the Reference List Style discussed within the Turabian manual. Here is an example: (Erickson 2014, 224–25). If you use any additional theological resource(s) to strengthen your explanation or argument, you would use the same parenthetical citation format.

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