This assignment fo the (chicano experience) class

Pleass help, This assignment Due Tomorrow


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Topic and Guideline for Final Paper: 

The final paper is 8 pages long( double-spaced0 and it should consist of at least 3 sources (books, articles, book chapters, etc). The reference page includes yourcitation and sources. The sources include author’s name, date of publication, title of book or article and publishing company. Students should select from this list of topics.  

1) Mexican Americans in U.S. films and television ( number of actors, roles played, income in comparison to non-Hispanic white actors, etc). 

2) Mexican American roles in military and U.S wars. 

3) Mexican American in sport. 

4)The role of religion in the Mexican American community; Catholic and Protestant denominations. 

5) Biographical reviews of historical figures ( Rudy Corky Gonzales, Reies Lopez Tijerina, Cesar Chavez, etc) 

6)Mexican Americans in politics and political figures (I.e., Rosarion Green, Henry Cisneros, Edward Roybal, etc.). 

7) Folkore, story telling, and legends. 

8) Ceremonial activates ( Quinceaneras, Baptisms, First Communication, etc) 

9) Important Figures of Mexico ( politics, sport, art, music, etc)