Three scenarios of organizational change

Explore organizational change within business today by assuming the role of a consultant, recommending style/manner or organizational change across three scenarios.

Select a for-profit company publicly traded in the United States to be your client. Conduct research about the company by visiting the company website and obtaining a copy of the annual report. In the research, accomplish the following to include a required mix of six sources, at a minimum:

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  • Explore and cite the company’s website.
  • Review and cite investor presentations or the most recent letter to shareholders.
  • Include and cite a minimum of four additional sources in your references list with at least one from the Wall Street Journal.
  • Apply in-text citations in the “MGT-325: Benchmark – Three Scenarios of Organizational Change” template to support all claims.

Using information directly from the company, offer recommendations for the following three unique scenarios by applying the Kotter, Lewin, and ADKAR theories to each one:

  • Scenario 1: Industry and company earnings are falling fast, and the company finds it necessary to execute a three-phase staff reduction plan.
  • Scenario 2: The company is in its final steps of acquiring a similar company.
  • Scenario 3: Corporate misconduct requires the immediate replacement of the company’s CEO.

In the role of a consultant, make recommendations on the following:

  • Identifying three key stakeholders who are impacted.
  • Identifying the top concerns of these stakeholders.
  • Selecting which model (i.e., Kotter, Lewin, and ADKAR) should be used to address stakeholder concerns for each scenario.
  • Describing how the organization’s management should communicate the implementation of the selected model.
  • Identifying what type of leadership personality is required for management to support and sustain the change.

Complete the “MGT-325: Benchmark – Three Scenarios of Organizational Change” template, by doing the following:

  • In 150-200 words, write a brand summary for the selected company.
  • For the five responses required for each of the three scenarios, responses for each scenario should be 175-200 words (i.e., 525-600 words total).

While APA style is required for the body of this assignment, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.