To prepare for this assignment, identify and research a business

DDBA 8161 Week 6 Assignment: Business Ethics and Positive Social Change


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To prepare for this Assignment, identify and research a business ethics crisis for scandal. You may want to review Chapter 13 and Case 13 of Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen, and Bryce (2016) for ideas, as well as the Walden Library databases. Consider how a strategic decision can negatively impact social change and how infusing ethics into business strategy can help prevent crises.


Submit a 5- to 7-page paper evaluating business ethics within the context of positive social change. Your evaluation should address the following:

·         What are the essential details of the event, and what do you see as the causes of the crisis and/or negative impact to society?

·         Where do you see failures in corporate governance?

·         What caused the failures in the ethical culture and climate of the company?

·         What ethical policy might prevent this scenario from occurring in the future?

·         If you were a leader within this company, what choices would you have made differently to effect positive social change?



DDBA 8161 Week 6 Discussion Strategic Impact of Positive Social Change Initiatives


To prepare for this Discussion, review the video case study featuring Walden alumnus Eric Barton and his organization, Business Owners Benefits Association (BOBA), and consider the potential benefits and risks of incorporating a social change mission into business strategy. Be sure to utilize the Walden Library to identify scholarly examples of both successful and unsuccessful instances of social change integration.


Post an analysis of the risks and benefits of integrating a positive social change mission into organizational strategic planning. Your analysis should include the following:

·         What are the benefits for organizations considering integrating positive social change into their business strategy?

·         What are the potential risks for organizations considering integrating business strategies with an emphasis on positive social change?

·         Provide a real-world example of an organization that experienced an unsuccessful implementation of a positive social change initiative. As an independent scholar and global change agent, explain what the organization might have done differently, including planning or executing strategies to improve marketplace or cultural impacts.