Topic- institutional services/ de-institutionalization history



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• Each student assigned a topic (emailed out and posted on BB last week) – Topic- Institutional services/ de-institutionalization  history &trends

• Provide a comprehensive consideration of the topic assigned, including drawing your own conclusions/insights based on the research literature  

• 6 – 8 pages (double-spaced)  

• Paper must be submitted as a Word document with APA style citations in the text with references at the end  

• Include a proper introduction with needed definitions and indication of what the paper will focus on 

 • Include sub-headings as appropriate  

• Include data as appropriate in chart and graph form  

• Include a conclusion  

• Provide and cite expert perspective and analysis (including research from professional journals) 

  • Each student paper should include a variety of sources, including peer-reviewed and gray literature review. Each paper will have a single focus and will be expected to incorporate as appropriate: data and data tables, organizational descriptions and trends, professional assessments, and student observations. 
  • Also make a powerpoint with 5 to 7 slides and should be about 5 minutes. The presentation should cover the main points on the research paper and should include a reference slide at the end.