Ttb discussion week4 library | Nursing homework help


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NSG 3050
Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing

Week 4 Discussion

Discussion Overview:

In this week’s discussion, you will use Galen’s online library to search the literature for an intervention you implement in your daily practice. You will also apply the skill of paraphrasing, in APA style, to summarize any information gathered from the literature.

Discussion Prompt:

1. Identify a nursing intervention you implement in daily practice. This can be a policy, a protocol, or just “something you do” on your unit.

2. Go to Galen’s online library and use the main search engine. Find at least one article from a peer-reviewed journal, less than 7 years old, which discusses or reviews your intervention.

3. Complete your discussion and include the following information in your response:

· State the nursing intervention you identified from your daily practice.

· Describe your process for using the Galen library (e.g., What keywords did you use to search for your article? How easy was it to use the library?).

· Did the article support your current practice, or did you learn something new that could improve your practice?

• Summarize the information, in your own words, from the journal article you found in the Galen library. Provide rationale for your response with at least one scholarly source using an APA in-text citation and full reference.