Under which of the following circumstances

1.      Under which of the following circumstances would we be most likely to desire affiliation with others?

a. We receive the highest grade on a midterm exam and the professor displays the
range of grades on the blackboard.
b. We place 2nd in our age group in a 5K race.
c. We are preparing a brand new recipe while having our soon to be in-laws over for
dinner for the very first time.
d. We just heard on the evening news that our city has been named as one of the best
ten cities in the U.S. in which to live.

2.       Theresa has a steady boyfriend and also a number of friends and acquaintances through various sports activities and clubs. Her pattern best reflects:

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a. the need for affiliation
b. the need for intimacy
c. the need to belong
d. the need for social integration

3.       Alex and April have been living together for some time but are not considering marriage any time soon. Which of the following is not a reason they might be likely to give as to why there are delaying marriage?

a. Religious factors
b. Career factors
c. Expressions of individual needs and desires
d. The belief that marriage isn’t necessary for children to be born or adopted

4.      Fred recently read in one of his textbooks that direct eye contact can be interpreted
differently across cultures. Fred starts observing people around him and now believes
that couples in love spend more time looking into each others’ eyes. Fred has a come up with a/an ______________ about the relationship between gazing and love.

a. theory
b. hypothesis
c. uninformed decision
d. error

5.       An example of a negative correlation would be:

a. as the hours a student studies increases, his/her grades go up.
b. as the amount of coffee consumed increases, pulse rate increases.
c. as the similarity between two people increases, attraction between them decreases.
d. as the amount of television viewing decreases, grade point average decreases.

6.       A group of research subjects viewed a photograph of Julianne, a beauty pageant winner. The subjects would be likely to attribute all of the following qualities to Julianne than an average-looking woman except:

a. Better parenting skills
b. Better job
c. More interesting social life
d. Higher intelligence

7.      Antonio’s face is completely symmetrical. From this fact, we can surmise:
a. Substantial heterozygosity is present.
b. He is likely to fend off parasitic infections.
c. He is likely to be attractive to a number of potential mates.
d. All of the above.

8.      Christine is married to Chuck. This pairing would be predicted by:

a. self-verification
b. implicit egotism
c. the similarity-attraction hypothesis
d. the matching hypothesis


9.      Jackie and Beth, who were constantly at odds in the workplace, became friendlier when they discovered that they both detest the Kardashians. This phenomenon can be best explained by:
a. the repulsion hypothesis
b. operant conditioning
c. proximity
d. balance theory


10.  Shy John is initially drawn to Ingrid, seeing her as a delightful “free spirit,” but eventually comes to view her as irresponsible. This change in perspective is an example of:
a. misattribution of arousal
b. the repulsion hypothesis
c. fatal attraction
d. complementarity