Union letter | Human Resource Management homework help

You are a new union representative. Draft a memo  requesting copies of     documents, policies, and procedures the union has in place  so you can begin     your job effectively.  Be sure to indicate the importance of these documents on    your  position. 

Your  memo should be at least two full page. Below  is a suggested format for   the memo: 

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To: (Include the name of  the supervisor and any others to whom the            memo   needs to be sent)
From: (Your name and role in the organization/union)
Re.: Specify the Topic (In this case—Requesting specific documents,              policies, and procedures pertaining to your role as the new union              representative) 

 Request:  Include paragraph explaining your request (For example:                 “I am   compelled to express concern about how we at ____ Company      handle        issues   related to equal employment opportunity and sexual      harassment       prevention    laws. In an attempt to do my job efficiently      and effectively, I       respectfully    request the following documents,      policies, and procedures     that   reflect our   organization’s efforts to      affirm equal employment     opportunity   and those   documents that reflect      the organization’s sexual     harassment   prevention    efforts:”)
Name of document
Name of document 

Name of document  Requested  date: (when would you like  to meet with the company          leadership     to discuss the documents?)