Unit 2: discussion – chap. 1 language in our lives



Each discussion thread – answer question(s) within the discussion thread based on the directions.

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Choose 1 question from below to complete for your initial post. Make sure to answer a question that hasn’t already been taken by a classmate to ensure all questions are discussed. 

Cited references from the course text are required to be cited appropriately to further support your thoughts. Reflections from personal experience must also be included and linked to the topic of the chosen question for full completion 

The initial reflection post must be posted by midnight on Wednesday. Responses must be posted to at least 3 peers by Sunday.


  1. In what ways is language essential to all societies and cultures?
  2. How does prosody contribute to both phonological and semantic knowledge?
  3. When a young child overgeneralizes, what could this tell you about his morphemic knowledge?
  4. How are oral language competencies related to the development of literacy? Five examples to support your answer.