Unknown lab report | microbiology | Anne Arundel Community College

My unknown number was 15 and the unknown bacteria was Staphylococcus aureus which was cocci in clusters. The technique used was gram staining and streak plate.Gram stain was positive with no change in colony morphology. The color for phenol red pigmentation was yellow for both sucrose, glucose and lactose indicating presence of acid.
writing discussion using paragraph form that includes the following (One paragraph for each section )

iState the name of the  bacteria you identified from the list of unknown bacteria using proper binomial nomenclature. Describe the results obtained and any observation you made using full sentemces. Discuss any errors that may have occurred in your investigation and what could you have improved.

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Discuss how you used your your results and observation to determine which bacteria from the list you had as known.
Write few sentences regarding your organism by including details like additional characteristics of this bacteria , location of where is commonly found ,whether that bacteria causes infection to humans and the type of infection they cause.
‘Please it should be APA format and should include a plagiarism report