Urban ii’s sermon at clermont

This is an essay exam. It focuses on Urban II’s Sermon at Clermont. It is one of the most important sermons in all of Christian history. Read the essay questions BEFORE you begin to read Urban. I STRONGLY recommend that you print out the sermon and take detailed notes on it. I want you to ANALYZE what Urban is doing in the sermon. Analyzing requires that you describe some of what he is doing, but your answers should not be a description or summary of the sermon – I’ve read it. I know what it says. I am also not checking here to see that you have read it. I want to hear your thoughts on the sermon. I want you to go past description and discuss the following questions in a thoughtful manner. Each question should be at least one detailed paragraph.

1. How does Urban use language to hold his audience’s attention?

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2. Urban uses provocative and coded language. How? Why? Please be sure to quote from the sermon in your answer.

3.Wunderli discusses the fact that a sermon can be a tool for social control. How is Urban’s sermon a tool for social control. Again, be sure to refer to the sermon in your answer.