Video assignment | Applied Sciences homework help


The assignments allow for a fun take on the concepts reviewed in this course. Videos snippets from popular television programs and movies will be viewed and students will post a response to the videos based on the course and their personal experiences.

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Video Assignment #2


Review the two popular video clips from the television shows The Office and Parks. Provide a response to them, and be sure to focus on answering the following questions when typing your response:

  • 1-What does it take to be a good patient and contribute to the quality improvement of health at a doctor’s office? Be sure to leverage details from the provided videos as a springboard for your response.
  • 2- If you were the providers, of the patients, describe how you would have responded to their behavior? Be sure to use the concepts from the course textbook to justify your reply.

Your response should be at minimum 200 words long (but each submission can be longer). Also, students should feel free to discuss more than simply answering the above questions. Prior to submitting the assignment, students are encouraged to type their submission in MS Word to assure the minimum word count is met, and the entry is free of grammatical errors.