Voicethreads 5 8&9 | Education homework help

voicethread 5

 ”  Identify and explain the  benefits (give at least two ) and  challenges (give at least two) of cloud computing”. [ Hint- think of why companies use Software as a Service (Saas),  Platform as a Service (PaaS), Amazon Web services, Gmail e.t.c., and the advantages and disadvantages of these resources to the company]  

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voice thread 8

“How can a sales department use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to improve operations?”

Please provide at least three ( 3) specific reasons and give clear explanations.

[ Hint- think of what a CRM system is and what it is used for.

How can a sales department help a firm in creating value (innovation, market share, promotions etc)]

Voice thread 9

 : “Why is gathering business requirements a challenge for most projects?”   Please provide at least three (3) specific reasons and give clear explanations.