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 Discussion Questions: Discuss the actions that prompted the “border control offensive” and made the issue of illegal immigration a priority along the SW border and contrast this with the northern border. (Consider this in light of the activities since 2017, especially during the height of COVID). Regarding border enforcement, describe who is the enemy and discuss any public health and safety concerns. Are the concerns the same on both the southwest and northern borders? 



1.  border control offensive was prompted by the ever growing increase of illegal immigration at the Souther Border. The Southern Border has significantly/historically had higher illegal immigration in contrast to the Northern Border. The influx of illegal immigrants at the Southern Border has caused security concerns as well as public health concerns. The Southern Border has also been connected to drug and human trafficking causing safety implications not only at the border but of the citizens of the United States. When you turn on the TV and see the mass amounts of immigrants that are trying to enter the country, it is almost impossible to thoroughly check these immigrants to ensure they are not attempting to cause harm to our country or smuggle drugs. In regards to the Northern Border, the perception is totally different when it comes to illegal immigration. With current leadership in the North, many people are looking to find a better life elsewhere which can cause a spike of illegal immigration at our Northern Border. 

In terms of who the enemy is in illegal immigration, it depends on specific views. Personally, the enemy is anyone who attempts to cause harm to the United States which these individuals would need to enter through our borders. Illegal immigrants can be labeled the enemy by some because they are entering our country illegally.  Border security, North and South, need to be at the top of our priorities to ensure the safety of U.S citizens. Public health concerns were heightened with the COVID pandemic causing many countries to close down their borders causing economic difficulties around the world. Was this the right move? In my opinion, yes. To prevent the spread of a global virus, borders needed to be closed to ensure the virus can be localized and eventually suppressed. Lastly, are concern the same on both the southwest and northern borders? It depends on who you ask. I think the question is broadly based on national security. With political ideologies, the Southern border is at a heightened debate and is at the forefront of every major news organization because it is the most controversial topic. Like the Professor said, there is two sides to every story. 


2. Since September 11, 2001, The United States (US) has implemented many different policies to help combat terrorism. During this time, we saw the birth of the Department of Homeland Security which has many branches to help combat terrorism and protect the US. After 9/11, the US had increase border security and allowed very little travel in and out of the country. The US wanted to ensure that there would be no additional or future terror attacks.

In 2017, the Trump Administration prioritized the issues at the US borders and wanted to “crack down” on illegal immigration. This lead to the “Border Control Offensive”. In addition to President Trump wanting to build a wall at the southern border, the CBP placed additional agents and utilized new technology along with newer infrastructure. These improvements helped protect the US against illegal immigration, terror activity and create an overall attempt to increase the nation’s security. With the COVID pandemic, there was great fear amongst us all that illegal immigration and open borders would bring COVID into the US. Working in the EMS field, I would agree with those who say anyone who brought COVID into the country carelessly was an enemy of the United States. With that said, there are those who take precautions and want to make sure they don’t spread the virus. This does not mean they are an enemy in my opinion. An enemy would be those who break the law to enter the US and spread the virus without caring what it would do to the citizens of the US or any other country.

I think there is a significant different between the northern border (Canada) and the southern border (Mexico). While immigration is still a problem, and the current administration is working to fix illegal immigration, there is a problem at the northern border with illegal immigration as the majority of the effort has always been on the southern border. In a recent article by ABC News (2023), US CBP had recently detailed more agents at the northern border to combat migrants crossing into the US new Vermont and New Hampshire. This shows that there is a smuggling problem across all of the borders in the US, we are seeing similar issues at them all. The southern border is still the hottest area for migrants to cross illegally into the US.