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Innovative Organizations

Innovation Plans

The systems design and development process is what turns new technology into new or updated technology based products and solutions. In special cases new technologies become disruptive in nature for certain technology application areas where they become game changers for the technology providers and for the end-users. Disruptive technologies change the way we do things forever. In doing so, they impact our lives in totally unexpected ways and when that happens we have achieved innovation.

Using the ideas you presented in the previous discussion: (use any ideas)

1. Describe how you would use them to plan for innovation.

2. Explain how they could become game-changers.

3. Provide a visionary scenario for how these ideas can change people’s lives.

Support your plan with real-life arguments for how things are done now and how they would be done if your plan was deployed. You may also use any relevant media articles and/or the Web applicable to your plan.

Due Tuesday August 8th by 8PM New York Time / 2 pages