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Mass Casualty Incident Specific Annex

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     After reading the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide, write a Mass Casualty Incident Specific Annex describing the response to a high amount of casualties during a disaster in Bobsville.

Your annex should:

  • Identify  the departments and agencies designated to perform response and  recovery activities and specifies tasks they must accomplish 
  • Outline  the integration of assistance that is available to local jurisdictions  during disaster situations that generate emergency response and recovery  needs beyond what the local jurisdiction can satisfy 
  • Specify  the direction, control, and communications procedures and systems that  will be relied upon to alert, notify, recall, and dispatch emergency  response personnel; warn the public; protect residents and property; and  request aid/support from other jurisdictions and/or the Federal  Government (including the role of the Governor’s Authorized  Representative) 
  • Provide coordinating instructions and provisions for implementing Mutual Aid Agreements (MAAs)
  • Describes the logistical support for planned operations. 

      You may  reference the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide and other agencies’  documents as reference but you must write your Annex for Bobsville specifically. You will use this document in future classes and execute this plan so help yourself by being thorough.