Water conflict issues | Education homework help

Your assignment for Lesson 10 is to write a 2-page essay (3-page maximum) suggesting possible solutions to a case study about water conflicts. You can select a water conflict from any source, but the Pacific Institute′s – The World′s Water – Water Conflict Chronology has an extensive list from which to choose. Use Chapter 11 of the course textbook by Holden to identify and discuss the type of water conflict. Describe and analyze the conflict and determine the environmental impacts, people involved in the conflict, the role of governments, and any positives that have resulted from the conflict. Note: If you use The World′s Water – Water Conflict Chronology, do NOT choose a ″weapon″ or ″casualty″ type of water conflict. These are not really water conflicts; they′re just conflicts that involve water in an indirect way and are not ideal for this assignment. 

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