Week 1 | Electronic Engineering homework help


    1. What controls the electrical properties of the atom?
    2. The valence electron is referred to as a __________ ?
    3. When silicon atoms combine to form a solid, they arrange themselves into an orderly pattern called ____________ ?
    4. When is the result when a diode’s reverse bias is increased?
    5. Which approximation is generally the best choice because it is easy to use and does not require a computer?
    6. Much of the information on a manufacturer’s data sheet is obscure and of use only to circuit designers.


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          7. A diode can be effectively checked by what equipment?

           8. All silicon diodes have a knee voltage of approximately ________.

          9.A diode is a nonlinear device because the graph of its current versus voltage is:

         10.The point of intersection, which is called the Q point, represents:

         11.A silicon diode has a saturation current of 6 nA at 25oC. What is the saturation current at 100oC?

          12.A 10 V DC power supply is connected in series with a silicon diode and a 1 KΩ resistor. Calculate, load current, load voltage, load power, diode power, and total power.

          13.Figure 1 below shows a DC power supply connected in series with a diode, R1 and R2.


      Assume none-ideal diode (VD=0.7 V). Calculate the total current through and voltage across each resistor.


      week 1 assignment diagram


      Figure 1